Knowledge is Power

When it comes to collateral recovery, law enforcement and real estate… it’s all in the data. insightLPR camera solutions connect lenders, insurance carriers, automotive recovery agencies, auto finance and law enforcement to valuable vehicle location information.

Quantitative and Qualitative

Our Data Potential Is Limitless

Our robust data processes help improve efficiencies, increase productivity and save costs.  

Data Solutions for the Recovery Industry

insightLPR’s Platform supports Repossession Agents by bringing together hardware, technology, key Integrations and LPR data in a way that makes the repossession process smoother and more efficient. LPR data collected by Repossession Agents is not sold upstream to Forwarders or Lenders, but instead has been optimized to assist the Repossession Agents.

True only independent source

Transparent & agent centric partnership

Easy to integrate with your organization’s processes

Easy to integrate with your organization’s processes

Historical data of scans can help with current past due assets as well as aged accounts

Live & historical LPR scans

An affordable alternative for LPR strategy

No-risk LPR alternative

Data Solutions for Law Enforcement.
Information on the Beat - Case Closed

An informed team is a prepared team. Our law enforcement data is more than vehicle information, as it helps agencies with kidnappings, assaults, missing persons, pattern crimes, trafficking, theft, terrorism, homicides and much more.

  • Targeted data searches can help solve cases quicker
    • Search by plate, partial plate, year, make, model, address or zip code
  • Law enforcement data stays internal for your own uses
  • Seamless integrations through protected encrypted data transfers
  • Ability to create custom reports

Subscribe to insightLPR data for your skip locate needs, create your own custom hotlist and access your historical scans. 

insightLPR Strives to be the
Most Accurate LPR Data and Solution

Your operations depend on reliable data.  We equip you with the power of information and real-time data.

  • Create and manage your hotlists
  • Monitor and track vehicle behavior
  • Receive alerts for live hits
  • Enhance safety
  • LPI – license plate inventory via RFID

Data Solutions that Drive Success