Technology and Innovation
on the Lookout

Collateral Recovery, Law Enforcement
and Commerce

Our rapidly deployable license plate recognition (LPR) fixed and mobile camera solutions and services put technology and data in the hands of those who need it most.

We offer both fixed and mobile LPR solutions for the public and private sectors.

Mobile Cameras
Low Profile.
High Performance.

Easy to install and powered by state-of-the art proprietary software, our low-profile mobile cameras put you in control of your on-the-go recovery, loss mitigation and skip tracing investigation. Kits are available for marked, unmarked and surveillance vehicles of all makes and models.

Fixed Cameras
Mount to Almost
Anything – Anywhere!

The ideal solution to secure your perimeter and provide the visuals needed to help support your safety and security solutions. Our fixed cameras are available in multiple configurations with lens and IR illumination options to get results quickly and accurately.

insightLPR trailer cameras for safety, security and law enforcement

Trailer Kits
Keep Your Eyes
on the Road.

Our complete line of LPR trailer and retrofittable trailer kit solutions are weather resistant, easy to deploy and offer a unique, obscured design with full remote communications.

insightLPR Collateral Recovery
Save Time. Save Money.

insightLPR collateral recovery assists banks, finance companies and credit unions with up-to-the-minute LPR data to enhance and improve recovery rates and time to recover.

Take Control of Your Collateral Recovery

  • Provide the most accurate cost effective LPR solutions
  • Access millions of scans with our national network of LPR cameras
  • Robust live hits process

Our network of deployed cameras captures scans to provide efficient results and the most accurate and cost-effective LPR solution for your business.

Let us show you how we can recover your collateral faster and more efficiently.

insightLPR Law Enforcement
Innovation on Patrol.

insightLPR law enforcement solutions are sleek, discreet and user-friendly. By adopting an LPR strategy specifically designed for law enforcement, agencies can continue to show their commitment to providing a high level of service to those who they are sworn to protect and serve.

Put Technology on Your Team.

  • Deliver clear and sharp images day and night
  • Monitor feed and video analytics
  • Intelligent traffic solutions
  • Capture time-stamped data from vehicles of interest entering and exiting properties in real-time
  • Develop custom hotlists to enhance protection
  • Reliable in all weather conditions
  • 8x optical zoom covering multiple lanes
  • Accessible on laptops and tablets
  • Keep response teams informed

Enhance your commitment to public safety with accelerated crime-solving and traffic management systems through precise data collection and analytics for any area radius.   

Let us show you how we provide a more accurate, cost-effective way to obtain LPR data.

insightLPR Commerce
We Mean Business.

insightLPR commerce solutions bring accurate, cost-saving fixed and mobile camera technology for all varieties of commerce operations. Enjoy the peace of mind and confidence in knowing your property and assets are protected, monitored, and secured with unequaled precision.

Protect Your Assets.

  • Secure your building and perimeter
  • Alert security or your local law enforcement when incidents occur
  • Be notified with real-time alerts when unauthorized vehicles enter the property
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Have data-driven understanding of what’s happening in your building and around your property

Let our mobile and fixed LPR cameras help secure your facility, surveil your perimeter and save you money.

Let our mobile and fixed LPR cameras help secure your facility,
surveil your perimeter and help save you money.