Advanced LPR for Any Application

Our leading-edge LPR technologies have capabilities well beyond the scope of vehicle and license plate monitoring and reporting. Our solutions provide empower operations across all segments with an easier way to keep an eye on perimeters, deter issues, track visitors and ensure a positive experience for guests, patients, students and patrons.

Residential Communities/HOA
Safety Starts at Home.

  • Safeguard communities, family and home properties
  • Alerts sent in real-time when unauthorized vehicles enter the property
  • Track vehicles entering and exiting the community

Let our advanced LPR cameras help secure your community and save you money.

Insurance Industry
Fight Fraud. Eliminate Evasion.

  • Vehicle location data and information to remediate loss, prevent policy rating evasions, maximize premiums and discover suspect claims
  • Annual and semi-annual renewals to uncover fraud red flags
  • SIU platforms for extensive claims investigations
  • Get the answers you need to confidently write commercial and personal policies

Let our advanced LPR cameras keep your insurance operations profitable and free of fraud.

Innovation Takes Flight.

  • Enhance property security
  • Detect suspicious vehicles or movement
  • Ensure a safe and smooth experience for passengers
  • Build a safe environment by securing the entire facility and parking areas
  • Use flight information to create and monitor hotlist

Let our advanced LPR cameras keep your airport and your passengers safe – while saving you money.

Campus and School Security Intelligent Solutions by the Book.

  • Build a secure, vibrant campus using safety solutions without intruding
  • Know who’s on campus and when
  • Keep count of cars in parking lots
  • Get alerts when unauthorized vehicles are in a parking lot or enter the property
  • Receive alerts when a vehicle is in a lot for an extended length of time
  • View the entire campus from one location with one solution
  • Respond quickly to security events
  • Enhance parking enforcement and emergency preparedness
  • Reduce time and energy by sharing your network with local law enforcement

Let our advanced LPR cameras keep your campus safe – while saving you money.

Parking Management
On-the-Spot Surveillance.

  • Automatically inspect vehicles via LPR scan and logs of all vehicles entering and exiting the parking area
  • Alert security management of violations
  • Capture time and date stamp with full color images of all vehicles entering and exiting
  • Keep counts of vehicles in the lot
  • Receive capacity notices and close areas when lots are full

Optimize your parking structure with real-time notifications 

Healthcare Facilities
Surveillance Power for Your Practice.

  • Track staff coming and going to/from vehicles
  • Surveil patients and visitors entering and exiting the premises and parking structures
  • Capture vehicle information and send notifications directly to security or local law enforcement
Let our advanced LPR cameras keep your healthcare practice safe – while saving you money.

Flush with Innovation.

  • Track what’s happening at the tables with live streaming video and zooming capabilities
  • Put cash cages in full view
  • Quick notifications to staff, security and local law enforcement in case of an incident
  • Connect with local law enforcement database
  • Create custom hotlist that can warn and notify if criminals, banned persons, gambling addicts are in the area all before they park
  • Spot a VIP client
  • Optimize your parking lots with traffic management and real-time updates

Let our advanced LPR cameras keep your casino operations safe – while saving you money.

Government Facilities/Municipalities Intelligent Infrastructure.

  • Respond to incidents and know who’s entering and exiting
  • Secure the perimeter and monitor activity around and on the property
  • Track vehicles nearing buildings
  • Create a federal hotlist
  • View reports of activity and behavior
  • Protect your data

Let our advanced LPR cameras keep your community and operations safe – while saving you money.

Permanent and Temporary Venue Management
Enhance Your Events.

  • Permanent and Temporary Event, RTCC and EOC Solutions.
  • Network and surveillance solutions for special event venues
  • Real-time security solutions that combine alerting of hot-listed vehicles, surveillance and other sensor driven technologies
  • Provide events security teams with unprecedented situational awareness

Let our advanced LPR cameras keep your venue and events safe – while saving you money.