As the industry experts, insightLPR is devoted to providing real estate, law enforcement, and automotive customers with cutting-edge solutions that add value and safety to their properties, businesses, and communities.


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With real-time alerts and searchable data, along with a longer read range and higher vehicle speed capture than the leading competitors, customers can have confidence that they’re receiving the best service with the best security.

Intelligent Investigative, Safety and Network Solutions

Intelligent Investigative, Safety and Network Solutions

We Service Both the Public and Private Sectors.

Build smarter cities, create more secure and efficient business spaces, and hold safer events with insightLPR fixed and mobile LPR solutions. 

Key Benefits with insightLPR Technology

Our state-of-the-art solutions deliver a variety of benefits, including:

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Cost-effective with quick return on investment

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Enhanced community safety and security

Operational efficiencies through automation