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96% Industry-Leading Accuracy

Identifying vehicle details like color and type, day or night.

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Unique Pricing Solutions

Flexible pricing that includes both leasing and buying options.

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Actionable Evidence

Access to real-time alerts within 10 seconds and accurate searchable, investigative data.

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Digital Footprint

Providing crucial location-based data of a suspect for focused investigations and potential apprehension.

Who We Serve

Stolen Vehicle Task Force

Stolen Vehicle Task Force

Insight LPR automatically recognizes, captures and notifies law enforcement when a stolen vehicle’s license plate has been detected. Our data can also pinpoint where stolen vehicles are likely to be found.



Our fixed, solar and mobile LPR cameras can easily be deployed at strategic locations, such as entry points to high-crime areas or known hotspots.

Missing Persons (AMBER)

Missing Persons (AMBER)

Insight LPR simplifies missing persons, vehicles, and suspects through information sharing between agencies at local, regional, and national levels.

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