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Matrix Edge LPR camera at night.

Our Capabilities

  • Yes! Many neighborhoods have seen a major decrease in mail and package theft after joining the Insight LPR network.

  • Yes! Many neighborhoods experience an immediate decrease in crime after installing Insight LPR cameras. In many cases, Insight LPR has completely replaced expensive neighborhood gate guards.

  • 70% of crimes committed involve a vehicle. Images of license plates can offer law enforcement actionable leads to help solve crimes all across the country. 

  • Images of vehicles and license plates, along with locations and time stamps, create critical evidence needed to solve crimes. Detectives using our technology can pinpoint the last known location of a suspect. And unlike traditional license plate reader platforms, our accelerated investigations capabilities are powered by both stationary and mobile cameras.

  • At Insight LPR, we make it easy to pull footage needed to immediately identify suspects and solve crimes. Our search capabilities extend beyond license plates – you can search our databases using a partial or full license plate number, vehicle type, make, day and even time windows. With this evidence, law enforcement can then work, solve and prosecute more cases.

  • Yes! Insight LPR cameras capture and produce actionable evidence law enforcement needs to address these cases. 

  • Yes – Insight LPR cameras detect speed. Our speed alerting has helped neighborhoods across the country reduce and deter illegal street racing. 

  • With high accuracy and long range (130 ft), our cameras stay out of sight – and capture more evidence, making it easy to identify these vehicles. 

  • Insight LPR makes it easy for law enforcement to receive actionable leads generated by our cameras, helping them solve and prosecute more cases. 

Getting Started

  • A hotlist is a bank of license plate numbers in a database that provides information on stolen vehicles/property or other criminal activity. Users can trigger an alert when an Insight LPR camera captures a license plate number on the list.

  • Yes! You can opt in to sharing your hotlist with law enforcement. We do all the hard work; you just decide if and when you want to share your hotlist.

  • Insight LPR neighborhood, business and law enforcement partners determine who has access to footage. That often means an HOA board member, property manager or investigative team is the designated contact receiving Insight LPR back-office training and login credentials.

  • At Insight, we take pride in our reliable, competitive services. Our quality technology is designed, engineered and assembled in the US to increase safety in communities all across the country. Our cameras capture accurate images of license plates – allowing you to partner with law enforcement to solve and prevent crime in your area. Not to mention our competitive pricing and unlimited data storage that saves you money – and gives the most bang for your buck.

  • We believe that by joining the Insight LPR network, every business and neighborhood can help reduce, deter and solve crimes in their communities.

  • We make the entire process easy on you, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. One of our team members will walk you through the onboarding steps, set up your billing, work with you to determine the best camera placement, install your cameras, confirm that everything is working and provide system logins and training.

  • One Insight LPR camera can capture two lanes of traffic with high accuracy – and up to 130 feet away. Our team is ready to help you determine the best setup needed at your location!

  • Our cameras can recognize vehicle details including type, color, direction of traffic, speed, date and time stamps – even latitude and longitude.

  • Regular CCTV cameras do a good job at recording video, but those solutions don’t zero in on the most important part: license plates. Insight LPR detects license plates and records the details – every single time and with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Neighborhoods, businesses, schools and law enforcement agencies across the country are partnering with Insight LPR to reduce, deter and solve crime.

  • Once you’re fully onboarded with Insight LPR, you’ll receive personalized training from one of our experts.

  • Of course. However, it’s not required. No matter what, we’ll keep you posted along the way. We finalize all aspects of the installation, including placement, property access, etc. ahead of the actual installation date.

  • While most installation will not require an onsite visit, we recognize that some sites and businesses are more complex.

  • In most cases, Insight LPR cameras are installed on a private street or private property, but your neighborhood or business may have public street entrances. If a street you want to install a camera on is city-owned, we can help you through the process of requesting city approval.

  • Our cameras have long-range capabilities, which gives you more flexibility on where you can install. Contact us today if you have questions about specific locations.

Team Support

  • Insight LPR installs and maintains the cameras in your neighborhood or business.

  • If you notice or suspect a problem, contact support@insightlpr.com and one of our experts will reach out to you and resolve your issue ASAP.

  • Simply reach out to support@insightlpr.com and we will get it taken care of.