Security For What Matters Most

Create a Safer
Community Together

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24/7 Neighborhood Protection

Continuous vigilance, provides ongoing safety measures for the community.

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Neighborhood Watch

Empower community members to report suspicious vehicles, enabling collaborative efforts to maintain safety.

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Visitor Management

Easily identify authorized and unauthorized plates allowing neighborhood security to take necessary actions.

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Low-Maintenance, Cost Effective

Maintenance free and provides comprehensive safety solutions without straining the community's budget.

Who We Serve



We offer targeted security for multi-family neighborhoods by enabling seamless resident and guest access, improving parking management, and deterring unauthorized vehicles.



We serve HOA neighborhoods by bolstering security, monitoring vehicle access, and facilitating efficient management – fostering a safer and well-controlled community environment.

Builders and Developers

Builders and Developers

We support builders and developers with streamlined jobsite security – ensuring access control, deterring theft, and safeguarding property and teams during construction.

Provide your neighborhood with protection against a range of crimes, including: