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Insight LPR brings a unique combination of technical and management experience with both fixed and mobile LPR technology. Our team has many years of collective experience developing, innovating and deploying LPR cameras for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Safety as a Service

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24/7 Protection

At Insight LPR, we ensure round-the-clock protection that goes beyond traditional solutions, making your security our top priority.

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Streamlined Security Solution

We are a full-spectrum LPR company that designs, engineers, and manufactures its own hardware and software to deliver purpose-built solutions.

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Industry Leading Accuracy

With a 96% industry leading accuracy rate, Insight LPR guarantees unmatched precision for confident decision-making and heightened security.

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Built-To-Last Quality

Our LPR cameras are capable of withstanding the test of time and are purpose built to perform in severe climates and weather conditions, providing unmatched longevity and peace of mind.

The Insight LPR Difference

Insight LPR
Other LPR Companies
  • High accuracy 96% day/night
Night view of an Insight LPR device.
  • Reduced accuracy 65% at night
Night view of a competitor LPR device.
  • Military-grade housing for durability
  • Plastic housing = higher failure rate
  • Quality engineered, made in the USA
  • Manufactured overseas
  • Under 10 second alerts (text, email, in-app, and searching)
  • 45+ second alerts (text and email only)

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