Secure Your Business With 24/7 Monitoring

Future-Proofing Businesses

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24/7 Protection

With round-the-clock monitoring, our cameras can assist with enforcing restricted access, constant surveillance, and providing actionable evidence for incidents and investigations.

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Organized Retail Crime
Information Center

Our connected network of businesses offers offender databases, real-time alerts, and collaboration, aiding businesses against retail crime. Pattern analysis and law enforcement coordination enhance prevention efforts and responses.

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Integration Capability

Our cameras can easily integrate with existing security systems, creating a comprehensive solution that enhances property safety and management.

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Low Maintenance, Cost-Effective

Insight LPR boasts low maintenance needs and cost effectiveness. Its efficient design minimizes upkeep while delivering high-precision license plate recognition, optimizing value for businesses.

Who We Serve

Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Simplifying parking management, granting authorized access to customers and employees, and enhancing security.

Hospitality & Entertainment

Hospitality & Entertainment

Integrated with alerting systems, we help with communication across systems, devices, and departments. Send alerts when suspicious activities are detected, or when important guests have arrived.



We are dedicated to the fight against ORC. With our seamless integration and connection to local law enforcement agencies, we can help provide a safe and secure place for both shoppers and employees.

Provide your business with protection against a range of crimes, including: