Protecting Our Future

Enhancing School Safety

Icon of 24 hours a day.

24/7 Protection

Our cameras operate round the clock, providing continuous monitoring and proactive threat detection even during non-school hours.

Icon of two cars parked in a parking lot.

Parking Surveillance

Effectively manage parking lots, enforce regulations, and identify unauthorized vehicles, ensuring optimal safety and control.

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Real-Time Alerts

Stay one step ahead with instant notifications of suspicious activities or potential threats, enabling swift response and intervention.

Icon of hand holding a phone that is connected to their home and the police.

Property Access Management

Control access points and maintain secure premises through efficient management of entrances, exits, and restricted areas.

Who We Serve

K-12 Education

K-12 Education

Grade schools can automate attendance tracking during drop-off and pick-up, enhance visitor management, and improve security by quickly identifying authorized vehicles.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Insight LPR empowers universities with efficient parking management, secure campus access, and streamlined enforcement.

Private Schools

Private Schools

Provides an extra layer of security by accurately and automatically identifying vehicles entering and exiting the school premises. This helps in mitigating unauthorized access and enhancing campus safety.

Provide your school with protection against a range of crimes, including: