Criminals are mobile, which is why license plate recognition (LPR) cameras need to be too. While fixed LPR cameras monitor common areas – parking lots, entrances and exits — to deter and detect crime, they can’t be everywhere.

Mobile LPR cameras, in combination with fixed, provide versatile and purposeful coverage. Insight LPR, a full-spectrum LPR company that designs, engineers, and manufactures its own hardware and provides proprietary LPR software, has a growing mobile camera network that enables law enforcement to track suspects’ vehicles.

Like the company’s fixed LPR cameras, Insight LPR mobile cameras, which are deployed on both vehicles and mobile trailer installations, recognize and extract license plate information using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) and image-processing algorithms. They can also recognize vehicle details like the color and type, day or night.

“When law enforcement needs to know where a vehicle ultimately traveled from or to, they rely on mobile LPR data generated by LPR-equipped vehicles,” Insight LPR Chief Revenue Officer Stephen Nethery said. “By incorporating our mobile LPR data, law enforcement’s real-time response and decision-making capabilities will significantly increase.”

Insight LPR’s system is integrated with NCIC hotlist and other state and local hotlists. With the information Insight LPR’s technology provides, law enforcement officers can search hotlists, manage vehicle alerts, and conduct searches by plate and/or locations.

“Our scanning coverage is growing rapidly with a significant number of metropolitan markets now using our mobile LPR cameras, including in three of the most populous states: California, Texas and Florida,” Nethery added.

Insight LPR’s market-leading mobile LPR technology platform is essential in a mobile world due to its ability to provide real-time license plate recognition on the go. With an architected LPR database accessible to both public and private sectors, and the support of a national field team dedicated to client success in every market, mobile LPR cameras enable enhanced safety and security in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

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