Insight LPR proudly announces the addition of Jose Patino, a seasoned law enforcement veteran, to its team. With extensive experience as a Sergeant for the Michigan State Police, Patino brings invaluable expertise to his new role.

Patino’s distinguished career includes managing specialized troopers, overseeing property evidence, and commanding critical operations such as presidential motorcades. He is renowned for spearheading pivotal projects, including statewide License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems and comprehensive criminal interdiction programs, earning national and international recognition.

His commitment to knowledge dissemination is evident through extensive instructional engagements, spanning various law enforcement agencies and jurisdictions. Patino’s leadership and organizational development skills, honed through formal training and leadership programs will enrich Insight LPR’s culture and strengthen our ability to provide a superior level of products and service to our clients.

Additionally, his experience in organizing law enforcement conferences underscores his adeptness in logistical coordination. As Insight LPR continues to innovate in license plate recognition and law enforcement technology, Jose Patino’s expertise will be instrumental in driving the company’s mission forward.