Fort Worth, Texas – May 16, 2024 – Insight LPR, a technology company providing proprietary license plate recognition (LPR) software, hardware, and data products, announced the launch of its next generation of Fixed LPR cameras.  The MX Defender is Insight LPR’s most advanced fixed-camera system with industry-leading image resolution, unmatched night-time capture rates, and solar-powered capabilities for quick deploy and covert installations.

“Our highest-quality fixed-camera system can now be powered by a solar panel, making it possible to install almost anywhere,” said Insight LPR Chief Executive Officer John Nethery. Compared with a hardwired system, the solar-powered version requires minimal infrastructure, which reduces engineering, permitting and associated costs.“In response to the growing life safety issue retailers face, we have worked with industry experts to develop a high-quality, low-cost, quick deploy LPR camera,” he added.

The MX Defender S continues Insight LPR’s legacy of producing American-made LPR cameras with 96%+ capture rates both day and night. That industry-leading rate is a result of Insight LPR’s commitment to quality in every step of design, engineering, and production. The MX Defender S combined with Insight’s unique commercial mobile data provides retailers with a powerful solution against organized crime, theft, and vandalism.

A major grocery chain recently shared a success story using Insight’s combined solution that allowed local police to arrest suspects involved in a retail crime ring within 72 hours of deploying Insight LPR cameras.

“We had a major theft occur at several of our stores,” said the Director of Loss Prevention. “Insight’s combined solution worked flawlessly. The fixed cameras captured the license plate that our CCTV cameras could not. We searched for that plate in Insight’s commercial mobile database and found vehicle locations that proved to be key evidence for local law enforcement in solving the case.”

The MX Defender S will be on display at Insight LPR’s booth #1739 during the National Retail Federation’s NRF Protect 2024 Expo June 4-6, 2024, at the Long Beach, California, Convention Center.

For more information on Insight LPR’s solar-powered MX Defender model and strategy for the retail and law enforcement industries, please email